Collaboration will focus on identification of inhibitors against two specific proteins.

Noxxon Pharma entered into a research and development collaboration with Roche for the discovery and development of Spiegelmers® for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. In the partnership Noxxon will use its Spiegelmer technology to identify inhibitors against two contractually named protein targets. Roche will conduct all preclinical and clinical development as well as the worldwide commercialization of products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Noxxon will receive an upfront fee and research compensation as well as additional payments for the achievement of specified development events. In addition, Noxxon is eligible to collect royalties on the sale of commercialized products.

Spiegelmers are synthetic, mirror-image RNA molecules not found in nature. According to the Noxxon, because of their mirror-image configuration Spiegelmers are not subject to degradation by nucleases. By screening oligonucleotide libraries of significant size, the company identifies Spiegelmers that bind and inhibit their target molecules with high specificity and affinity.

“This partnership is another endorsement of the Spiegelmer technology and an indicator of the growing enthusiasm in the potential of Spiegelmers for treating disease,” commented Sven Klussmann, Noxxon’s CEO and CSO.

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