In a partnership that aims to support the career and scientific development of young researchers in the study and treatment of diabetes, Oxford University and Novo Nordisk will establish a number of postdoctoral fellowship opportunities. The program will be hosted by Oxford University and funded by Novo Nordisk.

A total of 12 young researchers will be offered a three-year grant to support their research within the fields of diabetes, metabolism, and endocrinology. The goal is to support the development of a new generation of research leaders while further developing scientific excellence within diabetes, according to Novo Nordisk. The first four fellows in the program will start in fall 2014.

“This new program will support the best young researchers doing novel work in the understanding of diabetes and its treatment,” said Hugh Watkins, professor of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine at Oxford University. “It is these early career researchers that will produce the new ideas, discoveries and advances that will improve diabetes treatment and care in the future.”

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