Firms claim alliance will guarantee optimized processes for purification and synthesis.

Novasep and instrAction inked a worldwide strategic alliance designed to give pharmaceutical clients access to the latter’s API-selective Instruction® Receptor Phase stationary phases in combination with Novasep’s chromatography and purification expertise for the development of optimized large-scale chromatography processes for synthetic and semi-synthetic compounds.

For each molecule instrAction can be requested to identify the most appropriate API-selective stationary phase from its expanding library of over 3,000 phases and carry out process optimization in collaboration with Novasep using the latter’s computer simulation software. The firms say customers will then have two options. They can either request Novasep to carry out purification and synthesis of the compound, or they can have the process transferred to their own facility including the supply of a turnkey chromatography processes system and an API-selective stationary phase.

Novasep claims the combination of technologies will result in customers receiving a purification process or service with optimized and cost-effective performance guaranteed. “With the ever-increasing complexity of pharmaceutical compounds, traditional purification processes including crystallization and even normal or reversed-phase chromatography are often too expensive and, worse, ineffective,” comments René De Vaumas, executive vp of business development for Novasep Synthesis. “instrAction’s API-selective stationary phases have already demonstrated dramatically improved purification costs for several difficult-to-purify compounds at medium-to-large scale.”

Novasep offers a range of solutions and services for the production of synthetic molecules and biomolecules including purification processes, manufacturing, and custom manufacturing services. The firm has two complementary business divisions. Novasep Synthesisspecializes in chemical synthesis and purification technologies to develop and produce active ingredients and advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical, crop science, and other fine chemical industries. Novasep Process develops and supplies purification processes, equipment, and systems for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and industrial biotechnology industries, and it provides contract biomanufacturing services.

instrAction is commercializing its Instruction® Receptor Phases as API-selective resins for large-scale chromatography processes. The technology enables the immobilization of a wide variety of functional ligands on a polymer network, coated on different porous backbone materials, the firm explains. Small molecules and high molecular weight molecules are separated by highly selective reversible interactions. The specificity of a particular instrAction stationary phase is achieved by multivalent-multimodal interactions between the target molecule and the functional ligands of the phase.

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