Deal fulfills firm’s need for additional resources in technical development.

Novartis and Lonza have entered into a partnership to scale up technical development and clinical production for part of Novartis’ biologics pipeline.

“The strategic partnership provides a win-win for both companies,” according to Mark Levick, global head of Novartis Biologics. “It gives Novartis access to the most advanced technology and processes available to develop new biological medicines faster for the benefit of patients. At the same time, it allows Novartis to delay investments into manufacturing.”

According to the deal, each project will have a specific development agreement. Following successful development of a compound, Novartis can choose to transfer the commercial manufacturing in-house.

In the near-term, the agreement will fulfill the need for additional resources in technical development. It will also provide Novartis with extra manufacturing capacity to be utilized in a flexible way.

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