In a nonexclusive technology licensing agreement, Novartis will utilize Nuevolution’s Chemetics® technology. Nuevolution will transfer know-how to Novartis, enabling the company to use the technology to produce screening libraries.

The Chemetics platform uses DNA labeling to allow fragment-based drug screening, forming drug-like small molecules for lead discovery. According to Nuevolution, the technology allows efficient screening of billions of molecules against biological targets.

In its existing collaborations and internal pipeline development, Nuevolution said it has successfully addressed several challenging targets including protein-protein interactions by the identification of drug-like small molecules.

As part of the agreement, Novartis will provide Nuevolution with an undisclosed up-front payment, research funding, and milestone payments as technology transfer progresses.

This is the second agreement between Nuevolution and Novartis. In 2009, the companies entered into a collaboration in which Nuevolution applied Chemetics technology against a limited number of drug targets of interest to Novartis.

In August 2013, Nuevolution provided Duke University, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals access to Chemetics during a scientific collaboration for the investigation of the biological mechanism of action of a specified G protein-coupled receptor drug target.

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