Singapore-based Dx assays launched a no-strings-attached, fee-for-service companion diagnostic initiative, which it says ensures that its clients retain full control and ownership over the whole development process, from discovery through to marketing and sales of both drug and companion diagnostics. The initiative includes a complete package from initial assay development for biomarker discovery, through to support for assay validation in clinical trials, and manufacturing and regulatory assistance.

Dx assays offers molecular diagnostic assay development, verification, validation, and services for the development of molecular and companion diagnostics, including laboratory developed tests and genetic biomarker assays. “The simple fee-for-service model offers pharmaceutical partners exclusive rights to the diagnostics, allowing maximum flexibility on decision making and commercialization strategy through development for multiple platforms and markets,” states John Thornback, Ph.D., Dx assays CEO.

“The feedback we have had is that pharmaceutical companies are currently feeling they are facing a risk in traditional companion diagnostic development deals. Millions of dollars are spent on drug development but, for successful commercialization, they are fully dependent on an external diagnostic partner for launching and marketing the companion diagnostic. The Dx assays model gives the control back to the pharmaceutical companies.”

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