Permit covers testing of three cytochrome P450 enzymes.

The New York State Department of Health has licensed some of Genelex’ DNA Drug Sensitivity Tests for use by doctors in the state. The issued clinical laboratory permit is for DNA testing of three enzymes, the cytochrome P450s, that process more than 50% of the most commonly prescribed medicines, Genelex reports. Research has shown that the majority of patients have one or more defects in the genetic coding for these enzymes, which increases their risk of treatment failure or potentially life-threatening, adverse side effects.

The company now has all required state clinical laboratory licenses in the U.S. and can receive and test specimens from every state, according to Tia Aulinskas, Ph.D., Genelex laboratory director. To obtain the New York State permit, Genelex successfully completed an evaluation that included on-site inspections, proficiency testing, and assessment of personnel qualifications to ensure the accuracy and reliability of laboratory test results.

“This is an important advance for personalized medicine in New York, especially for the 100,000 or more patients who live there and are failing their Plavix treatment,” notes Howard Coleman, CEO, Genelex. “The Plavitest™ DNA test identifies these at-risk patients, allowing doctors to personalize treatments and reduce the risks of recurrent heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular risks.”

Genelex has headquarters in Seattle, WA, and sells a combination of DNA Drug Sensitivity Testing and the GeneMedRx software to doctors to help them choose the safest, most effective medicines for their patients.

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