This entity has already made upgrades to purchased bioreactor systems.

A group of investors has purchased all the assets of Cellexus Biosystems and formed a new company called Cellexus Limited. The transaction, which closed in April and was just made public, covers intellectual property (IP), single-use bioreactors, and cell-based technologies.

Cellexus Biosystems, which was already marketing these products, was deemed no longer financially viable earlier this year. “The company was spending more than it was making,” says Bob Cumming , GM of the newly formed entity.

A group of investors realized the potential of the firm’s assets and the market opportunity that could be achieved through certain modifications and further development of the products. They hence decided to acquire Cellexus Biosystems’ assets.

Since taking over in April, design and operational improvements have been made to the CellMaker bioreactor systems, according to the company. A range of new products is expected to be released over the coming months, including the CellMaker Regular™ for culture of E. Coli and Pichia cells and the CellMaker PLUS™ for culture of all cells including mammalian and insect.

The new systems are designed for improved performance to achieve higher yields of soluble protein using the single-use CellexusBag™. In addition the company is developing a range of peripheral products including those for sampling and oxygen generation.

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