Orion Genomics will incorporate discovery into diagnostic assays for early and recurrence detection.

Orion Genomics identified and validated a suite of novel breast cancer biomarkers, the most promising of which will be incorporated into the company’s diagnostic assays for the early detection of breast cancer and the detection of breast cancer recurrence.

“Utilizing MethylScope®, our genome-wide DNA methylation profiling technology, we were able to quickly identify a suite of promising breast cancer biomarkers that show significantly high sensitivity and specificity and represent the most comprehensive and clinically accurate breast cancer epigenetic biomarkers discovered to date,” remarks Jorge A. Leon, Ph.D., Orion’s CSO.

After Orion Genomics identified biomarkers in a panel consisting of normal and cancerous breast tissues,  a second independent biomarker validation panel of more than 200 normal and cancerous breast tissues was carried out. Over 50 biomarkers demonstrated significant diagnostic potential, the most promising of which presented 90% sensitivity and 96% specificity.

“We are now validating our most promising biomarkers in blood serum from cancer-free and breast cancer patients,” says Dr. Leon.