Venom will be used for production of Viprinex™.

Neurobiological Technologies (NTI) completed construction of a snake facility in Moorrege, Germany, near Hamburg. The facility, owned and operated by NTI’s partner, Nordmark Arzneimittel, houses snakes that will provide the venom used to produce Viprinex, which is being studied by NTI as a potential treatment for acute ischemic stroke.

“A home was needed for the snakes used to produce Viprinex, and we decided with Nordmark that it was necessary to create one of the world’s few GMP facilities for reptiles,” says Paul E. Freiman, CEO of NTI. “This facility currently houses 100 snakes and is expected to eventually be home to 1,500 vipers.”

According to Freiman, the two companies shared the expense of this facility at a cost of EUR4.5 million.

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