Micropharma reported new research regarding a new probiotic supplement, Cardioviva™, and its ability to naturally lower “bad” and esterified cholesterol. The new evidence in support of Cardioviva not only suggests new potential causes of high cholesterol and methods for naturally managing it, but also adds to an emerging body of research on the gut bacterial microbiome and the essential role it plays in overall health.

“Recent evidence suggests that an unbalanced or ‘dysbiotic’ gut microbiome may be caused by environmental factors such as poor diet and antibiotic use, and is not only found in patients with metabolic disease, but may lead to the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease,” says Mitchell Jones, M.D., Ph.D., CSO and co-founder of Micropharma.

“We proposed a natural solution for lowering cholesterol by creating gut balance—first, through diet to encourage the right bugs, and secondly through supplementing the gut with the right bacteria,” Dr. Jones says. “Our two clinical trials have evaluated ~240 subjects and showed that supplementing the microbiome (gut) with Cardioviva naturally lowered LDL (“bad”), total, and esterified cholesterol in adults with moderately high cholesterol. A third clinical trial of 150 subjects is currently under way.”

“Micropharma has brought a clinical development path to the world of supplements, with tools and techniques for dissecting the microbiome to find natural and novel ways to improve metabolic health,” says Ryan Jones, president and CEO of Micropharma. “We are proud that Cardioviva is the first probiotic to clinically move a recognized marker of disease.”

“The results of this research is positive, in light of current treatment guidelines that recommend lowering LDL-C as one of the first lines of therapy for reducing CVD risk,” says Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., distinguished professor of nutrition, Penn State University. “Since diet and other lifestyle approaches are the first step in treating elevated LDL-C, a non-prescription product that enhances lifestyle interventions for LDL-C lowering is of great interest, both to health professionals as well as the general public.”

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