Scalable scale-out storage system will aid NHGRI’s DNA sequencing activities.

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) is turning to Isilon to help power its DNA sequencing operations. The NHGRI will be using Isilon’s X-Series, adding to its downstream genomic analysis workflow a single, high-performance, shared-storage resource that simplifies data management.

The X-Series accelerates high-concurrent and sequential throughput applications, resulting in speedier access to massive amounts of critical data, according to Isilon. It also reduces the cost and complexity of managing and storing data, the firm adds. The system offers high-concurrent access and scalable capacity in a single global namespace, 80% utilization rates, and the ability to consolidate virtualized and nonvirtualized environments into one storage pool.

Prior to using Isilon, NHGRI notes that its traditional NAS system limited the often unpredictable and intense performance demands of its genomic data analysis, slowing research productivity and complicating storage management. Working with Isilon partner Plan B Technologies, NHGRI deployed Isilon’s 72000X to add a single high-performance file system and point of management to its genomic analysis workflow.

“While the rate of innovation in genome sequencing technology continues to accelerate, data management and storage systems have not been able to keep pace, limiting researchers’ ability to transform genomic research into medical breakthroughs,” says Donnie Downs, CEO of Plan B Technologies. “However, Isilon’s unique scale-out storage solutions provide exactly what data-intensive DNA sequencing workflows require—high performance and scalability with nearly zero management—enabling these skilled scientists to focus on their research and not on storage.”

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