Nano-Terra’s nanoscale fabrication methods will be used to develop advanced materials and devices for 3M.

Nano-Terra inked a multiyear development and licensing agreement with 3M . The agreement is designed to bring to market innovative, nanotechnology-based products and solutions made possible by nanoscale, molecular fabrication methods pioneered by Nano-Terra co-founder George Whitesides, Ph.D., at Harvard University and the company’s scientists.

The Cambridge-based firm is employing the design and manipulation of molecular structures for the creation of new properties and functionalities in materials.

“3M is an innovative, diversified technology company with a stable of well-known brands and is a global leader in commercializing nanotechnology,” notes Carmichael Roberts, vice chairman and co-founder of Nano-Terra. “As a first step, we are focusing on how our expertise in soft lithography and in molecular self-assembly can support 3M’s own development work in certain application areas.”

The co-development work will be performed primarily at Nano-Terra’s lab facilities in Cambridge, with frequent input from and milestone reviews by 3M.

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