MRC Technology has entered into collaboration with Renishaw Diagnostics, developer of the RenDx® multiplex assay system, to identify and design clinical diagnostic tests for infectious disease.

The agreement will leverage RDL’s multiplex screening technology and expertise in assay development along with MRC Technology’s experience in developing early-stage research for clinical application and commercialization.

The RenDx system is based on surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering, providing automated, multiplex, high sensitivity, and in vitro screening for clinical research. The assay utilizes purpose-designed instrumentation to automate the processing and detection of up to nine targets in a single sample, Renishaw said.

MRC Technology was established in 2000 to handle the technology transfer needs of the UK’s Medical Research Council. The company works with universities, medical research charities, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations globally with the goal of bridging the gap between basic research and commercial application.

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