Nearly three in four people taking GEN’s poll last week said they would at least consider relocating to another country for a job, in response to the growing number of biopharma layoffs, the subject of a recent GEN Insight & Intelligence™ report.

While 70 people (35.5%) said they would definitely make the move across borders, even more of those answering the poll (76, or 38.6%) said it would depend on the country. Another 51 people (25.9%) said they would not relocate.

On GEN’s Facebook page, the U.S. was the most-cited country, though not by much (4 of 21 responses), followed by Canada (3), then the U.K. and Saudi Arabia (two responses each). “Europe” and eight individual countries in and outside the continent each received one vote: France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, and Turkey.

One poll taker said it would depend—not on the country, but on the position: “I’m willing to move to pretty much anywhere if the proposal is interesting enough,” Pedro Arregui wrote on GEN’s Facebook page.

On Twitter, Australia got two responses, followed by one each for France, Hungary, New Zealand, Spain, the U.K., and most of the EU.

The social-media responses are somewhat similar to where 10 pharma giants had based available jobs posted on their websites. While the U.S. was the country of choice for nine of the 10 (Eli Lilly offered more jobs based in China), top nations after the U.S. were scattered among Europe (France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and the U.K.), and elsewhere (China as well as Australia, Mexico, and Singapore).

The poll drew responses from 197 people starting June 20, and will close July 5.

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