Trofile will be used to screen and monitor patients in whom the virus uses the CCR5 receptor to enter cells.

Monogram Biosciences will provide Progenics Pharmaceuticals with HIV resistance and tropism testing to further its Phase II drug candidate PRO 140, a CCR5 mAb.

Progenics will use Trofile™ to screen and monitor HIV-infected individuals whose virus uses the CCR5 receptor as an entry point. Progenics is also using Monogram’s PhenoSense GT™ assay to measure viral resistance to drugs from other HIV-1 treatment classes.

Trofile is a patient-selection coreceptor tropism assay that determines whether a patient is infected with a strain of HIV that uses the CCR5 coreceptor, the CXCR4 coreceptor, or a combination of both to enter cells.

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