Company will use the antibodies to develop related tools, drug-toxicity screening tests, and multiplexing assays.

MitoSciences will pay $4.6 million over 10 years for a suite of biotechnology innovations from the University of Oregon (UO). Under the exclusive licence arrangement, MitoSciences will also pay UO royalties on patent-related sales.

The agreement centers on a portfolio of mAbs that MitoSciences is using to develop cell-based drug toxicity screening tests and multiplexing assays to generate mitochondrial protein biomarkers for diagnostics and personalized medicine. The antibodies are also sold individually and in kits to the life science research market.

Along with the antibody hybridomas and other biological assets, UO will also transfer several commercial distribution agreements through which it previously delivered antibodies to life science researchers. MitoSciences will have exclusive commercialization rights for the complete portfolio of transferred biological assets, plus an exclusive license under several university patents that cover the use of mAbs that recognize mitochondrial antigens.

The deal with UO along with others such as the recently inked collaboration with Invitrogen and agreements yet to be announced will strengthen MitoSciences’ focus on developing mitochondrial research tools.

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