Prostate Core Mitomic Test reportedly exhibits 84% sensitivity and can rule out cancer with 90% accuracy.

Bostwick Laboratories and Mitomics inked a nonexclusive U.S. sales and marketing agreement for the latter’s flagship Prostate Core Mitomic Test™ (PCMT). Bostwick will market the test under the name ProstaClear™ Mitomic Test.

Mitomics’ mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)-based assay is designed to identify molecular alterations in prostate biopsy tissue that may appear normal. The firm claims the test has a sensitivity of 84% and can rule out prostate cancer with a negative predictive accuracy of 91%.

The PCMT was launched earlier this year, and the deal with Bostwick will increase momentum for the product, Mitomics claims. “As we continue to receive positive feedback from the physician community on PCMT, and as we are expanding our processing capacity to meeting increasing demand, Bostwick Laboratories’ established network within the urologic pathology community will be invaluable,” remarks Robert Poulter, president and CEO.

Mitomics is exploiting its Mitomics Technology platform to develop a portfolio of mitochondrial genome-based molecular tests, primarily in the field of oncology, but also for other diseases including dermatological conditions. The firm claims the unique structural and functional characteristics of mtDNA make it an ideal system for biomarker discovery, early disease detection, monitoring, risk assessment, and therapeutic targeting. The PCMT assay was launched in 2010, and several additional products are expected to be launched over the next two years. Pipeline products include tests for the early detection or characterization of breast, uterine, cervical, and colorectal cancers, along with endometriosis, melanoma, and other dermatological conditions. 

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