sanofi-aventis has exclusive rights to use the polymers for analysis of its peptides.

MIP Technologies has entered into a collaboration with sanofi-aventis for the development of new molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for the analysis of pharmacologically active peptides from plasma samples. 

“We are looking to move into the development of peptide-selective MIPs, which represents a valuable piece of the separations market and has applications in analytical, preparative, and process-scale separations,” points out Anthony Rees, Ph.D., CEO at MIP Technologies.

Under the terms of the agreement, sanofi-aventis will have exclusive access to use the polymers in the analysis of proprietary peptide candidates. MIP Technologies will retain rights to use the polymers for other applications.

The incorporation of the polymer into the sanofi-aventis analytical methods will make use of separation cartridges. These will be provided through MIP Technologies’ exclusive partnership in analytical products with Supelco, a division of Sigma Aldrich. MIP material developed during the collaboration may also be utilized for selective peptide purification at preparative or process scale.

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