Treatments for heart disease to be pursued with $1.5-M NIH grant.

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation at Abbott Northwestern Hospital has partnered with three Minnesota health-care providers to create the Minnesota Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Clinical Research Network (MnCTN). The network recently received a $1.5-million grant from the NIH to research stem cell treatments for heart disease.

In addition to the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, MnCTN comprises the University of Minnesota Division of Cardiology, the Center for Cardiovascular Repair, and the Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics lab; Hennepin County Medical Center; and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

MnCTN is one of five organizations across the country selected to receive the grant and participate in the NIH Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network. The network was created to facilitate clinical trials to examine the success of new cell therapies for the treatment of heart conditions, including heart attacks and heart failure.

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