Firm gains exclusive rights to seven plant-derived hydrolysate.

Millipore signed an agreement with Solabia to distribute animal-free hydrolysates to its biopharmaceutical customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Millipore will have exclusive rights to market and sell all seven of Solabia’s plant-derived hydrolysates.

The products will be sold under the LucraTone™ brand for cell culture media applications throughout the Americas, the European Economic Community, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In the past, animal-derived cell culture supplements have been used to help engineered cells efficiently produce the proteins that are the basis of biologic drugs. “Today, biopharmaceutical customers are demanding a greater selection of animal-free supplements to reduce their risk and ease regulatory concerns,” points out Andrew Bulpin, Ph.D., vp of Millipore’s upstream bioprocessing business unit.

Plant-derived hydrolysates, also known as plant-derived peptones, are an alternative used in the production of biologic drugs. They are typically derived from soy, wheat, peas, or potatoes.

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