Millipore inherits rights from acquired firm Serologicals and further extends the terms of the deal.

Millipore and Novo Nordisk have further extended their 15-year partnership to provide the biopharmaceutical market with recombinant human insulin. Millipore inherited this insulin supply deal through the acquisition of Serologicals in July 2006.

Celliance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Serologicals, initially executed a transaction with Novo Nordisk. The company thus gained worldwide, exclusive rights to distribute Novo Nordisk’s recombinant human insulin in the cell culture market under the Incelligent brand, which has now passed on to Millipore. 

Since the insulin products are manufactured in separate and independent facilities, the companies believe that there is greater supply-chain security for customers. “This expanded relationship will address the business continuity needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturers,” comments Jesper Hoiland, Novo Nordisk’s senior vp of international operations.

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