Millipore’s experience in sample prep and reagents will be integrated with Guava’s instruments.

Millipore inked a partnership with Guava Technologies to deliver integrated flow cytometry solutions for scientists conducting research in cell biology. In essence, the companies will integrate instrumentation, reagent kits, validated protocols, and technical support.

Under the terms of the agreement, Millipore will have exclusive rights to distribute Guava’s nonclinical instrumentation within defined fields in North America, Europe, and Asia. Millipore will also provide field service for all Guava instrumentation in these geographies. Additionally, Millipore will develop cobranded reagent kits specifically for Guava’s flow cytometers.

Finally, Millipore and Guava Technologies will work together to develop a new generation of instrumentation with enhanced performance and functionality. The companies say that they will offer scientists superior technical performance, higher quality data, and much greater accessibility to this analytical platform than is currently available.

The parties plan to launch cobranded products to the market in July 2008.

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