MicroBix will explore new indications for ImaRx’ currently marketed thrombolytic agent.

ImaRx Therapeutics and Microbix Biosystems signed a letter of intent related to the manufacture and further development of urokinase. The product is currently marketed under the brand name Abbokinase® as a a thrombolytic drug.

ImaRx intends to transfer the manufacturing process and NDA to Microbix to create a new source for urokinase. Microbix has the right to develop the compound for certain indications in catheter clearance and prophylaxis of serious catheter related complications such as blood stream infections and venous thrombi. Microbix’ also expects to investigate the candidates potential in oncology and ophthalmology.

ImaRx will retain existing drug inventory and exclusive rights to sell the drug as a thrombolytic agent. It will gain access to a long-term drug supply from Microbix. ImaRx will also pursue development of urokinase for indications other than those signed over to Microbix. Additionally, ImaRx will receive royalties on sales of urokinase for new indications developed by Microbix.

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