Metabolon signed an agreement with InnVentis to apply metabolomics in individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. InnVentis aims to bring together multi-omics technologies with clinical data and machine learning to enable precision medicine for these conditions.

“We’re working with InnVentis to expand the knowledge we can apply toward chronic inflammatory diseases, starting with studies of rheumatoid arthritis,” said John Ryals, Ph.D., Metabolon’s CEO. “Our goal is to use our proprietary technology in conjunction with InnVentis’s platform to provide a more accurate health assessment of patients, as well as clinically useful information. Metabolomics may help answer key biological questions about these complex disorders and improve personalized treatment.”

The InnVentis platform combines data with cutting-edge algorithms to create actionable insights through cost-efficient sourcing of multi-omics and clinical analytics, use of machine learning, and stringent sample and data collection control, added Thomas Wilckens, M.D., CEO of InnVentis.

“Metabolomics has proven to be a most powerful technology to identify specific subgroups of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases, and we are honored to work with Metabolon, the leader in the field,” said Dr. Wilckens. “By combining metabolomics with other ‘omics that are ready for exponential scale, InnVentis aims to enable novel, real-time disease management for clinicians and patients. This will include drug responder identification upon first diagnosis, as well as drug dosing management, using a more comprehensive solution built on the Internet of Things.”

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