New facility represents part of firm’s pledge to make $1.5 billion investment in R&D in China over next five years.

Merck & Co. has established an Asia R&D headquarters in China. The new facility, located in Beijing’s Wangjing Park science and technology park, will be part of a $1.5 million commitment to invest in R&D in China over the next five years. The firm already operates out of commercial headquarters for MSD in Shanghai along with manufacturing facilities in other locations in China.

The Beijing R&D site will comprise 47,000 square meters of office and laboratory space and specialize in drug discovery, translational research, clinical development, regulatory affairs, and external scientific research. The first phase of construction is scheduled to be completed by 2014 and will house some 600 employees.

“We are immensely proud of the impact that MSC’s medicines and vaccines have had on improving health for the people of China as we have grown our business here, and we are eager to build on this legacy by directly investing in R&D here in China,” comments Michel Vounatsos, president and chairman of MSD in China. 

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