Therapeutics included in this arrangment had a $8.9 million turnover in 2007.

Medivir has obtained the right to copromote some GlaxoSmithKline products on the Swedish market. These therapeutics reported had a total turnover of approximately SEK 53 million, or $8.9 million, in 2007.

The magnitude of Medivir’s revenue from the agreement is based on the degree that future sales exceed an agreed baseline. Medivir says that it will retain a significant proportion of revenues over the baseline.

The transaction covers GSK’s entire dermatology portfolio, certain anti-infective drugs, and Zyban, a smoking cessation aid. The dermatology portfolio includes Betnovat, for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Among the anti-infective products is Relenza, used in the treatment and prophylaxis of influenza.

The products for the most part represent well-known and well-established treatments on the Swedish market, Medivir explains. An exception is Altargo, a new antibacterial ointment for the treatment of impetigo and infected small wounds.
Medivir expects that the agreement with GSK will provide a positive financial contribution to operations during 2009.

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