CRO med fusion is partnering with genomics technology and services provider GenomOncology to optimize treatment strategies based on the patient's disease state and tumor profile by integrating GenomOncology's technology platform—the GO Clinical Workbench™—and support services with med fusion's soon-to-be expanded solid tumor disease-specific panels. This pairing, the firms say, would offer researchers a comprehensive lab report detailing relevant drug and clinical trial options.

med fusion expects the expansion of its solid tumor menu to come out in the early third quarter of this year with the launch of disease-specific panels including NSCLC (non-small-cell lung cancer) and CRC (colorectal cancer). The expanded menu, the CRO says, is powered in part by next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology that med fusion validated this summer.

GenomOncology says its GO Clinical Workbench can streamline the use of NGS data in conjunction with other analytic modalities, simplify the creation of a summary report, and provide a traceable workflow and rules-based decision support for the clinical interpretation of genomic data. The platform can be configured to each clinical laboratory's specific needs with systems integration (LIMS, EMR, etc.), setting of quality control and annotation parameters, and design of the resultant clinical report.

“Genomics-based precision medicine requires the clinical interpretation of genomic data—streamlined use of next-generation sequencing information in conjunction with other analytic modalities—as well as rules-based decision support,” Manuel Glynias, president and CEO of GenomOncology, said in a statement. “The availability of an expert knowledge base like My Cancer Genome, exclusively integrated with the GO Clinical Workbench, provides a clinical report that educates physicians and gives them confidence as they make treatment decisions for patients.”

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