Companies aim to identify methylation biomarkers of tumor invasion.

Cancer molecular diagnostics firm MDxHealth and partner NovioGendix received a $1.1 million grant from the Eurotrans-Bio initiative to support development of a DNA methylation biomarker-based cancer diagnostic for predicting bladder cancer invasion into the muscle.

The firms will carry out DNA sequencing and RNA expression profiles of clinical samples from bladder cancer patients at the urology department of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in the Netherlands, from which NovioGendix is a spinout.

MDxHealth is exploiting its MSP (methylation-specific-PCR) DNA methylation platform and biomarker expertise to develop and commercialize advanced molecular diagnostic products for personalized cancer treatment. The firm is focused on both the in-house development of clinical diagnostic products for use in the assessment of cancer diagnosis and prognosis as well as the development of pharmacodiagnostic products in collaboration with industry partners for use in clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and as companion diagnostics.

Founded in 2006, NovioGendix offers molecular diagnostics services through its accredited laboratory. The firm is in addition developing a portfolio of diagnostic markers for cancer. Its first PCA3 test for prostate cancer has received a CE mark in the European Union.  

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