Research alliance to focus on technology-based healthcare.

Mayo Clinic and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will work together on development of new technologies and clinical tools as well as design and implementation of novel education programs.

This strategic alliance will provide a framework for broad cooperation in individualized medicine by integrating efforts in three areas: 1) basic, translational, and clinical research; 2) bioengineering, especially for point-of-care diagnostics; and 3) development of tools and methods in computational biology and medicine.

Initial areas of scientific focus will include projects in genomics, the microbiome, bioinformatics, and other computational science including the use of petascale computing, imaging, nanotechnology, and tissue engineering. 

In addition, planning is under way for bilateral educational programs in bioengineering, computational medicine, nanotechnology, genomics innovation, and entrepreneurism. 

The alliance expects to be sustained long term by funding from federal grants and philanthropy and from a variety of entrepreneurial projects involving commercialization of collaboratively generated intellectual property and agreements with corporate partners.

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