Funding spanning two years will be used to refine technology for high-throughput testing in animals.

Maxygen received a two-year, $3.4 million grant from the DoD to advance vaccine R&D. The money will further development of its ParallelaVax™ technology for high-throughput testing of vaccine candidates in animal models. The work will be done in collaboration with Aldevron.

Aldevron and Maxygen have a separate project to develop a similar technology to ParallelaVax for clinical trials, called Paraclin™.

The current award extends work done under a previous DoD contract to develop vaccine systems for military personnel against biological agents. Maxygen has been using its HIV vaccine program as the model for development of the technology.

Maxygen also has vaccine programs in influenza and encephalitic alphaviruses, all funded through various agencies. Leads are generated on the firm’s MolecularBreeding™ platform.

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