Maverick Therapeutics negotiated a license to Isogenica’s synthetic llamdA™ VHH single-domain antibody libraries, in return for undisclosed up-front and annual license payments. Isogenica could earn additional upfront and milestone commercial payments if Maverick develops antibodies derived from the libraries.

Startup firm Maverick was spun out of Harpoon Therapeutics last year to develop T-cell engagement antibody therapeutics against cancer. Last month Maverick signed a potentially $125 collaboration with Takeda that could see the Japanese drugs giant acquire Maverick after 5 years.

Synthetic antibody library specialist Isogenica is exploiting its camelid VHH (llamdA), human scFv (Xab™), and Fab (4D Fab™) antibody library platforms, and CIS display technology, through licensing agreements and screening partnerships. Developed using the firm’s Colibra™ library construction system, the llamdA platform offers what Isogenica says is far greater diversity of antibodies than can be generated through llama immunizations and can identify binding antibodies in just half the time.

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