College Station-based CDMO Matica Biotechnology opened its new 45,000 ft2 facility which will biomanufacturer viral vectors and cell-based products used in cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic therapies, and other genetic medicines.

“The key is faster delivery without sacrificing quality or safety,” said Yun Jeong Song, MD, Matica Bio. “Our new facility is designed for rapid development, scaleup, and production for clinical supply, but our experienced teams provide quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure success.”

Matica Bio already has two collaborations at the new facility. The company is working with Sartorius to develop and optimize advanced viral vector manufacturing technologies for large-scale vector production. Matica Bio has also partnered with Texas A&M University’s Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing for projects to accelerate biotech R&D and commercial manufacturing.

“We’re aiming to improve multiple components across the cell and gene therapy production process from ease of manufacturability to real-time data read-outs, reducing costs, and solving anticipated challenges of large-scale cell culture and viral vector production,” said Mike Stewart, chief technology officer. “These collaborations are just the start of Matica Bio’s commitment to continue building research and expertise for successful product development at this facility and through future expansion.”

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