Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers has designated April “Author Appreciation Month” to showcase the outstanding work of its authors and increase the discoverability and readership of scholarly articles. The company will be announcing a number of special initiatives throughout April that reinforce its commitment to supporting its community of authors and maximizing the impact of their published work. These activities include free access to all published content, Open Access article processing charge waivers, and complimentary membership to the exclusive AuthorCite® platform, among others.

The company is kicking off Author Appreciation Month with two full weeks, beginning today, of open access to its entire portfolio of content, without limitation.

“Our portfolio contains well over 100,000 papers, and we are strongly committed to ensuring the widest dissemination of this critical information,” said Mary Ann Liebert, president and CEO of the company that bears her name and publisher of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN). “Our mission to advance interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and clinical application is absolute; hence this important initiative.”

Among the journals of particular interest to the biotechnology community are OMICS, Assay and Drug Development Technologies, Industrial Biotechnology, Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers, Stem Cells and Development, Tissue Engineering, Human Gene Therapy, 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, Big Data, and the Journal of Computational Biology

Visit the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers website to browse the entire collection of 80 peer-reviewed journals free of charge. Articles are available in various areas of science and medical research, including biotechnology, clinical medicine and surgery, neuroscience, women’s health, public health, and more. Free access is available until 11:59 pm EST on April 13, 2014.

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