Company will use its own screening platform to identify molecules against immunological and infectious diseases.

Marinomed Biotechnologie negotiated access to Portuguese firm Bioalvo’a PharmaBUG library of natural marine extracts for drug discovery. Marinomed will have exclusive rights to use its own screening platform for identifying compounds in PharmaBUG that have potential therapeutic utility in immunology and infectious diseases.

Based in Vienna, Marinomed is focused on marine organisms as a source of new therapeutics. The company is exploiting its Imuvirex® discovery platform to allow the selection of candidates against viral and immune targets. The company’s current pipeline includes natural, mainly marine-derived compounds for the treatment of respiratory illnesses and immunological disorders.  The lead product, MAM-06.301, is currently in Phase II development for treating allergy.

Marinomed’s marketed product is the antiviral Carragelose®, launched in the EU in 2008, as the nasal spray, Coldamaris®, for the prevention and treatment of colds and viral-induced respiratory infections. The firm says that Carragelose is also being investigated for other indications.

In March Marinomed obtained global license and sublicensing rights from PharmaMar to analogs of kahalalide F, for applications outside the fields of oncology and neurology.

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