High-throughput SPR-based characterization technology allows the characterization of antibodies in greater detail.

Lumera’s Heterodimer Protein Technology (HPT) and ProteomicProcessor™ were successfully used to analyze single chain antibodies from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). “Currently, we are using e-coil tagged, single chain antibodies in a high-throughput flow cytometry-based screening and characterization,” says Peter Pavlik, project leader at Los Alamos. “Having access to Lumera’s high-throughput SPR-based characterization technology that uses the same coil chemistry would increase our ability to characterize antibodies in great detail.”

The LANL single chain antibodies were engineered to contain the Lumera E-Coil peptide tag. The engineered antibodies were then screened using the Lumera NanoCapture™ K-Coil microarray slide and ProteomicProcessor instrument system.

“The extraordinary revenue growth rate of therapeutic antibodies is one of the most attractive in the pharmaceutical industry,” points out Ronald Dudek, director of business development at Lumera. “We believe that applied nanotechnology solutions, like those we will offer, will increase the speed and efficiency of pharmaceutical drug discovery.”

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