Bioprocess Execution System will allow storing of data in context and more efficient sharing between groups.

Lonza will deploy IDBS’ electronic data management and execution solution for mammalian cell culture process development. IDBS’ Bioprocess Execution System is expected to optimize management of process development data and streamline workflows.

IDBS’ platform will allow the company to store data in context and to share it more efficiently between groups. Data produced during drug R&D is kept as paper records or isolated electronic files across multiple locations and in different formats, making it difficult to manage and analyze process data efficiently.

As a result, organizations such as Lonza are turning to data management systems to integrate and optimize bioprocess workflows. This enables management of the complete laboratory-to-report lifecycle within one system and makes data retrievable by scientists to help in targeting process optimizations.

“We believe that adopting IDBS’s Bioprocess Execution System as our data management solution will help us improve our processes and enhance the quality of services we provide customers,” says Steve Flatman, M.D., head of mamamalian development services.

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