AggreSolve is touted to help solve problems of protein aggregation.

Lonza acquired all assets relating to the AggreSolve™ Technology and Services business of Zyentia. This tool is for the selection and development of biopharmaceuticals.

Lonza reports that this transaction is in line with the planned expansion and diversification of the technology toolbox within the Lonza Biopharmaceuticals Mammalian (LBM) R&D business unit.  The tool will be incorporated into LBM R&D, forming a new function entitled Advanced Protein Technologies. The site will consist of up to 186 square meters.

The company says that AggreSolve will support its plan to incorporate “Quality by Design” directly at the molecular level with the overall aim of improving product quality, safety, and manufacturability. It is a comprehensive in silico protein analysis platform that screens proteins to predict aggregation problems as well as sequence changes likely to reduce aggregation and enhances the design of aggregation inhibitors and stabilizers.

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