Life Technologies will provide a new platform for its Molecular Probes® portfolio through the acquisition of Advanced Microscopy Group (AMG) for their imaging systems for research microscopy. The firm says the acquisition also provides new product-development opportunities for both laboratory and portable imaging devices. Life Technologies’ Molecular Probes range of fluorescent dyes and probes are used in the research market and constitute a natural complement to the EVOS® range of microscopes manufactured by AMG.

“We’re now better able to serve our customers with a complete portfolio of integrated solutions for cell analysis optimized for performance and ease of use,” says Peter Dansky, president of molecular and cell biology at Life Technologies.

AMG has a portfolio of imaging instruments that spans basic to advanced microscopy. The EVOS range of instruments helps improve ease of use by eliminating conventional eyepieces and replacing them with LCD screens. Two entry-level microscopes, EVOS XL and EVOS XL-Core, address the tissue culture market for routine monitoring of cell culture through measurements of cell density and morphology. The instruments are brightfield and phase-contrast enabled and come with a range of magnification lens options. The EVOS FL is a multi-color fluorescent microscope with brightfield/phase contrast capabilities and a range of objective options.

AMG also developed Life Technologies’ FLoid® Cell Imaging Station, a platform used for fluorescent microscopy. Introduced in late 2011, FLoid was developed to be ideally suited for laboratories that are new to imaging or do not require the advanced features found in more expensive instruments. The addition of the EVOS product line complements the FLoid system by maintaining simplicity in the user experience, while providing advanced capabilities and automation that are necessary for some applications, the firm reports.

The microscopy market size is estimated to be approximately $770 million. The acquisition of AMG is expected to be neutral to Life’s 2012 earnings, accretive to 2013 earnings and accretive to the company’s overall ROIC by 2015. AMG’s existing business will remain in Bothell, Washington, and will join Life Technologies’ Flow Cytometry and Imaging business unit.

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