Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp) launched a new business, Enlighten Health Genomics, that builds on the diagnostic potential of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. The company said it aims to make genetic profiles a routine part of clinical decisions.

Enlighten Health Genomics combines LabCorp’s infrastructure and capabilities with a team of accomplished geneticists to offer diagnostic capabilities, NGS analysis and interpretation, and informed genetic counseling.

Later this year, Enlighten Health Genomics said it will introduce ExomeReveal, a whole exome sequencing testing service. ExomeReveal can provide genome-wide interpretation for children with serious childhood genetic diseases as well as additional diagnostic information for patients of any age.

“We believe that patients with serious genetic conditions require a thorough interpretation of their genome,” said David Goldstein, genetics professor at Duke University, who will chair Enlighten Health Genomics’ scientific advisory board. “Our goal is to offer innovative and affordable diagnostic solutions to broad patient populations, making genomics a routine part of clinical decisions.”

“Enlighten Health Genomics is an important part of LabCorp’s strategy to capitalize on our unique assets, create new sources of revenue from our core capabilities and meaningfully differentiate us from competitors,” said David P. King, chairman and CEO at LabCorp. “The launch of this business is another tangible step in the development of Enlighten Health, our initiative to create innovative tools and capabilities to enhance patient care.” 

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