Olink Genomics offers Selector Technology as a service and through an early access program for customized kits.

Karolinska Institutet researchers are to use Olink Genomics’ Selector Technology™ for sequence-selective sample preparation prior to next-generation sequencing studies. The technology will be exploited for an ongoing project at the institute, which involves the large-scale analysis of DNA repair genes as part of an investigation into their role in B-cell lymphoma. Olink is making the Selector Technology available through an early-access program.

Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Olink Genomics was established in 2008 to develop and offer high-performance products and services for next-generation DNA sequencing. The company claims that its Selector Technology for sample preparation uses multiplex amplification with Selector Probe™ libraries to enrich thousands of genomic target fragments in a single reaction tube.

“The possibility to perform parallel analyses of large gene sets changes the way we can investigate candidate genes in cancer,” comments Karolinska Institutet’s associate professor Qiang Pan Hammarström, Ph.D. “Olink Genomics’ Selector Technology eliminates the need to perform thousands of PCR for each sample and does not require investment in expensive instrumentation.”

The company launched its Selector Technology-based services for targeted resequencing in September. Olink is also developing its Selector Technology as customized reagent kits for multiplex amplification. Currently available through the early access program, the kit includes a Selector Probe library designed according to client-specified target regions along with restriction enzymes and amplification reagents.

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