Firm entered into CRADA with CDC for evaluation.

Juvaris BioTherapeutics inked a CRADA with the CDC and Prevention for the evaluation of a JVRS-100 adjuvanted H5N1 pandemic influenza vaccine. The collaborators will determine if the use of it can extend the limited supply of H5N1 vaccines in the event of a pandemic.

Vaccine trials in people, testing the immunogenicity of prepandemic vaccines for H5N1, have shown that high vaccine doses are required to produce an antibody response that is believed to be protective. Hence, the ability of JVRS-100 to aid in the induction of a protective antibody response to the H5N1 vaccine at low doses will also be evaluated.

“Although the principal commercial value of JVRS-100 will be as a mono-immunotherapy, we are pleased to enter into this CRADA with CDC for testing of the JVRS-100 as an adjuvant for potential extension of the current supply of H5N1 vaccine,” remakrs Martin D. Cleary, co-founder, president, and CEO of Juvaris.

“In preclinical studies using seasonal influenza vaccine our adjuvant can decrease the amount of vaccine necessary to induce protective antibody immunity up to 50-fold, which would be beneficial in case of limited vaccine supply during an influenza pandemic. Furthermore, preclinical experiments with inactivated virus have shown greater cross-protection when our adjuvant is used.”

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