Money covers certain anti-inflammatory, cancer, and cardiovascular programs.

The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of Israel awarded Compugen a $400,000 grant to support development during 2009 of the company’s FPRL1 anti-inflammatory program and its TP program for assessing the potential of novel peptides and proteins in cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

The new financing follows a $500,000 award, which came three weeks ago from the OCS, to support research into the discovery of new toxicity biomarkers and antibody drug targets. The grant will also be used to enhance Compugen’s predictive discovery capabilities infrastructure. 

The company’s FPRL1 G protein-coupled receptor agonist program is evaluating the therapeutic potential of its CGEN-855 A and B peptide candidates as FPRL1 receptor agonists. The peptides are being developed under an evaluation and license option agreement with Merck Serono inked in November 2008. 

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