Iris will offer RxGen’s nonhuman primate ophthalmology research models.

French firm Iris Pharma and RxGen have established an alliance through which they aim to provide fully integrated bench-to-bedside ophthalmology research services to the pharma and biotech industries worldwide. Iris specializes in preclinical and clinical ophthalmic contract research, while U.S.-based RxGen is a preclinical CRO focused on the development and application of translational research models.

Through their new collaboration Iris will be able to offer access to RxGen’s nonhuman primate ophthalmic research models and related preclinical in vivo services, through a flexible model that will allow clients to access both firms’ combined preclinical and clinical expertise and capabilities. Iris says the ability to offer integrated packages of services and a comprehensive suite of preclinical and clinical drug development services will represent a significant benefit for clients.

“The combination of RxGen’s in vivo ophthalmic capabilities in nonhuman primates and Iris Pharma’s world-leading position in ophthalmology positions us to provide superior innovative and adaptive services that will speed time to market for our customers,” comments Christopher Stanley, chief business officer of RxGen.

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