Deal covers karyotypically normal human embryonic stem cells.

Invitrogen inked a license agreement with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) related to certain human embryonic stem cell (hESC) patents. The company gains the right to work with karyotypically normal hESCs to develop research and drug discovery tools.

“Invitrogen’s goal is the development of research tools that enhance the ability of scientists to work with embryonic stem cells and to enhance the utility of these cells for research and drug discovery,” according to Joydeep Goswami, vp, stem cells and regenerative medicine.

“Having the ability to work with karyotypically normal hESCs through our license with WARF allows us to develop better technologies for research, such as more defined media and engineered stem cell lines. This agreement is another step in our strategy of pursuing advances in the high-growth area of regenerative medicine.”

WARF reports that it has completed 24 licensing agreements for stem cell technologies with 18 companies.

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