Company’s SelectScreen platform will be used to screen Emiliem’s multikinase inhibitors.

Invitrogen reported a partnership with Emiliem to screen the company’s multikinase inhibitors using its SelectScreen™ platform. Invitrogen will perform biochemical kinase screening, cellular pathway profiling, and P450 screening of Emiliem’s compounds targeting cancer.

The first phase of the agreement will use the SelectScreen kinase profiling system to confirm specificity and potency of compounds in the Emiliem pipeline created through its K-STAR technology. This platform creates compounds that inhibit multiple kinases and other cellular targets known to be important in cancer progression.

The second phase will use SelectScreen cell-based pathway profiling service to interrogate the effects of Emiliem’s compounds on biological pathways and the company’s cytochrome P450 profiling service to determine the inhibitory profiles of lead molecules against drug metabolizing liver enzymes.

“Our services will provide critical information to Emiliem, including confirmation that Emiliem’s compounds act on the kinases they are targeted to, determination of the compounds’ effects on specific biological pathways, and prediction of potential toxicity,” points out Nick Ecos, vp and general manager of Invitrogen’s Discovery Sciences business.

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