With the license from IMBcom, the company will be able to expand its NCode™ miRNA microarray product line.

Invitrogen and IMBcom signed an exclusive license agreement to commercialize new noncoding RNA. The content was predicted by an algorithm and experimentally validated by the University of Queensland, Australia.

With the expanded content, Invitrogen says that they will be the first company to provide a comprehensive noncoding RNA product portfolio to the research community. Invitrogen will commercialize these sequences over the next few years, allowing the firm to expand its NCode™ miRNA microarray product line into the field of noncoding RNA profiling.

By combining the coding and noncoding sequences on the same microarray, researchers can obtain more information from a single sample to better reveal the relationship between noncoding RNA expression and mRNA expression. This is particularly important for scientists studying cancer and stem cells, for such RNAs have been implicated in both of these areas.

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