Invitrogen and the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) entered into a scientific collaboration focused on advancing proteomic research through education initiatives, standardization of research protocols, and development of advanced proteomic products.

“Invitrogen scientists will support efforts driven by HUPO and its members internationally to develop new proteomic standards, products and processes,” notes Charles Piazza vp, proteomics. “Invitrogen will also support a number of global educational programs and resources,” he adds.

By collaborating with protein laboratories internationally, Invitrogen and HUPO plan to foster a set of industry standards to enable large-scale data generation and analysis, consistent with HUPO”s mandate to shape the next phase of disease research and drug discovery. “Invitrogen will help in achieving standardization of proteomic techniques to tie lab data together so that proteomic information can be built upon collaboratively,” says Piazza. He expects that results of the standardization efforts will be available within six months to a year.

HUPO’s Education and Training Initiative offers programs to promote expertise in all areas of proteomics including sample preparation, protein separation, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, and experimental design.

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