Invitrogen method will be included in two Greiner Bio-One tests.

Invitrogen will help Greiner Bio-One improve the reliability of its HPV DNA test PapilloCheck® and DNA array CytoCheck® products. To avoid false-positives for PCR-based methods, Greiner Bio-One is incorporating into two of its DNA arrays a procedure patented by Invitrogen for preventing PCR carryover contamination.

The license agreement covers the rights for the use of dUTP (deoxyuridine triphosphate) in PCR-based methods to prevent sample contamination by amplification products in aerosols.

“The overall benefit of using the Invitrogen dUTP during the PCR is that false-positive results are reliably prevented at the beginning of the procedure, while the genuine sample DNA remains intact,” explains Heinz Schmid, Greiner Bio-One managing director.

During the PCR, dUTP is used instead of dTTP (deoxythymidine triphosphate). Any potential contaminating PCR-products can then be selectively degraded before starting a new reaction by the addition of the enzyme Uracil-DNA-glycosylase.

Greiner Bio-One states that it will deliver the product kits for PapilloCheck with dUTP in the MasterMix beginning in June and CytoCheck including dUTP will be available this fall.

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