Invitrogen’s reagents and platforms will be tested on BioTek’s microplate detection devices.

Invitrogen and BioTek Instruments inked an agreement to validate the compatibility of Invitrogen’s reagents and technology platforms with BioTek’s microplate detection instruments.

“Through this partnership, drug discovery researchers will be able to obtain integrated instrumentation and reagent solutions, thereby removing the frustration of discovering that the biological assay system they have chosen is not compatible with the instrumentation and vice versa,” notes John Printen, director of Invitrogen’s cell-signaling business.

A number of Invitrogen’s drug discovery products used to study target classes have been validated on BioTek’s Synergy™ 4 multimode microplate reader with Hybrid Technology™. This includes the GeneBLAzer® FRET technology, LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET platform, and the Adapta™ Universal Kinase , Z’-LYTE®, and Omnia® assays. Additionally, BioTek’s Synergy 4 and Synergy 2 readers received the LanthaScreen™ Certified+ designation from Invitrogen.

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